Early Talent Identification Program @ PQC


Early Talent Identification Program @ PQC


Early Talent Identification Program @ PQC


Early Talent Identification Program @ PQC


The Early Talent Identification Program (ETIP) provides high-quality academic and athletic experiences for students around the United States. We believe talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.

Early Talent Identification Programs

ETIP Summer Experience

A six-week summer program for rising 1st-7th graders.

ETIP Institute for
Black History & Leadership

A year-round program for 4th-8th graders focusing on historical topics not traditionally taught in schools.

ETIP Teachers Academy

An institute designed to equip teachers to serve as extraordinary educators, advocates and role models.

Key Goals:

Cultivate student and teacher talent

Provide rigorous and culturally relevant experiences

Assist students in developing peer networks

Create well-equipped teacher advocates

Directly impact the demographics, equity and culture of Dallas area private, parochial, charter, and magnet schools

Beliefs & Values:


We strive for excellence.


We solve problems creatively.


We do not give up during trials or hardships.


We celebrate each other’s successes - a win for one is a win for all.

“Hockaday is proud to partner with Paul Quinn College so that all students may have a robust and engaging experience that will further develop their interests and talents in both academics and athletics. We believe in the transformative power of education, and we are excited to support this unprecedented program, which will have a distinctive impact on students’ futures.”

Dr. Karen Warren ColemanHockaday’s Eugene McDermott Head of School