We are excited to work with you this summer! Please complete this initial application & screening form. After an initial screening, your student will be invited to complete a full application which will complete their ETIP Student Portal & allow them the opportunity to be fully admitted to Cohort 2023. Please note the following: Covid-19 Vaccination (underline and format this text just like “Program Costs:”) Covid-19 vaccination is required for all participants in the ETIP program. Applicants may apply and will be considered for admissions and/or academic scholarships without completed vaccination. Nonetheless, full vaccination (dose 1 & 2), must be completed according to the CDC recommended schedule & submitted to ETIP staff by June 1, 2023. For questions regarding the ETIP vaccination policy, please email etip@pqc.edu.

Program Cost:

  • Summer Session I: $360.00 (2-weeks of programming)
  • Summer Session II: $360.00 (2-weeks of programming)
  • Summer Session III: $200.00

Program Dates:

June 19th – June 30th: Summer Program Session I (Grade PK-8)

July 10th – July 21st: Summer Program Session II (Grade PK-8)

July 24th – July 28th: Summer Program Session III (Grade PK-8)