ETIP Institute for Black
History & Leadership

The ETIP Institute for Black History and Leadership offers educational and leadership opportunities for ambitious 4th through 8th grade scholars. Students who are curious about African American history, not traditionally taught in schools, now have access to curated experiences designed especially for them! 

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Institute for Black History & Leadership Online Courses

Wakanda Forever!
Africa Before 1619

Using themes from the blockbuster movie Black Panther, students study the rich history, symbolic art, and original STEM contributions from Africa prior to the onset of American slavery. Students uncover stereotypes and celebrate Africa, the immense continent, its people, and its influence.

March 15 & 17, 2021
10:00am - 11:30am

Celebrating Black Women in Leadership:
Becoming Black Girl Magic

No longer hidden figures, black women, young and old, are acknowledged for leading and leaving a trail of distinction. Students explore the lives and impact of past and present unsung heroes whose stories serve as mirrors for girls developing their own leadership identity.

March 16 & 18, 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm

Black Athletes Who Transformed the Game

From legends like Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson and Bill Russell to modern warriors like Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams and Coco Gauff, the stories of black athletes throughout history is one of resilience, determination, and talent. Students will not only learn of these stories, but they will reflect on how to incorporate the winning principles of the game into their everyday lives.

March 16 & 18, 2021
10:00am - 11:30am

Unleashing Genius:
The Black Male Leadership Encounter

Black boys exceed expectations when they understand their history, recognize their brilliance, and embrace their aptitude for greatness. Students expand their sense of self, purpose, connection, and personal vision during these sessions.

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National Poetry Month April 2021

Amanda Gorman and
“The Hill We Climb”

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African American
Book Club

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"Paul Quinn College’s mission is closely aligned with our mission at St. Philip’s to encourage excellence in all areas of a student’s life and individual impact to make our world a better place. Through ETIP we hope to expand the potential of all students and encourage them to look beyond their current situation to what is possible.”

Dr. Terry Flowers, Perot Family HeadmasterSt. Philip’s School & Community Center